About Applepuncture


Applepuncture’s mission is to empower individuals and families in the integration of physical, emotional, and spiritual life.

Kristin Grey Apple, MFA, MS, LAc, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

Licensure & Education

Kristin Apple is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, certified by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners and the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine. She completed her clinical training and received her Master of Science degree from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in NYC.


Before discovering acupuncture, artistic exploration was my life’s work. I majored in Studio Art at Davidson College with a concentration in Painting. I went on to receive my MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where I eventually became fascinated with time-based media. As an adjunct professor at Lehigh University and Penn State Abington, my interest was in facilitating physical actualizations (creations) of what my students felt was important in their worlds. I still feel very compassionate about assisting others in the translation of desires into tangible reality.


When I first experienced acupuncture, I knew immediately that it was an extraordinary and consequential medicine. Not only did I find out that it really works to harmonize the whole person and to alleviate symptoms; I also first-handedly experienced its invitation to participate in the therapeutic process. Perhaps you can understand the resounding parallel between creative interests and what it means to be an acupuncturist. The creative interface and process is just as present between the patient and the practitioner, between one’s own health and oneself.

I knew I needed to enter the field of medicine and specifically practice acupuncture because life itself is a creative process and inherently involves periods of chaos and order. Our own bodies are the most substantial and intimate artworks we encounter. Each body is a live artwork, both subject to a mysterious unfolding and also ready and able to participate and make choices.


Acupuncture is a safe, effective, and ancient practice that encompasses the use of fine, sterile needles, moxibustion, cupping, and gua sha along meridians and appropriate acupuncture points to treat disharmonies in the body. Nutritional and lifestyle counseling are integral to treatment as well. This whole person approach works with the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms. Applepuncture offers both private and community acupuncture treatment options.
Acupuncture involves therapeutic touch, massage, and pressure on prescribed acupuncture points. Amma is a powerful bodywork therapy that involves gentle massage in order to balance the meridian system.massage_ammaAcupressure
Cupping involves the use of glass or plastic “cups” that are placed on specific sites on your body. These cups create a vacuum through the use of heat or suction and, thereby, stimulate the flow of blood and qi to the area. Patients generally report that cupping feels like a deep massage. The suction may create a temporary circular bruise, as a result of stagnated blood and qi moving to the surface. The greater the stagnation, the more obvious the discoloration. This is normal and will disappear within a few days, as cupping and gua sha increase cellular turnover via the immune system.cupping-massage-therapy-featured
Electroacupuncture or “estim” is traditional acupuncture with the application of mild, pulsating, electric current to the acupuncture needles. Acupuncturists use estim when a patient’s condition would benefit from prolonged needle stimulation at certain sites of soft tissue injury or nerve damage. For example, we might use estim to promote stroke recovery.ACP2
Gua sha is similar to cupping in that it releases tension, promotes blood flow to specific areas, and may leave some residual redness. Instead of cups, a Gua sha tool creates more of a gentle scraping and feels like a massage.guasha
This treatment uses a specific dried herb called mugwort to warm acupuncture points and certain areas on the patient’s body when that is pertinent. Studies have shown that moxa creates a thermal as well as chemical effect on the body. To start, it increases white blood cell and platelet count. It is a wonderful therapy for any patient, and especially for patients with cancer symptomatology.Women wearing the fire moxibustion
A trigger point is a very tight knot in muscle tissue that causes a specific referral pattern of pain. For example, if you and your friend both have trigger points in your splenius capitus muscles, you will both have pain at the very top of your head because that is the specific referral pattern for that muscle. Acupuncturists, who are trained in Trigger Point Therapy, can release these knots using a special needling technique. Many patients, who are on the edge of getting surgery, do not realize their pain is coming from a group of trigger points. This therapy is truly a lifesaver for such patients and for athletes.Scalene-TPscoco